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Look mom, no keyboard!

Well, here's my semiannual post to make sure this account stays open to me. And it's also the first time I've been on lj on a mobile device. Surprisingly usable!

If you are for some reason reading this, remember I'm a lot more active on oddlyalli.tumblr.com until such a time as I have some serialized fiction that fits lj better.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


I know just about all of my LJ friends are either dead or living a much more interesting life off LJ, so the likelihood of anyone reading this post is very low (except for you, of course), but it seems wrong to just leave this account as is when I've stopped in a couple times recently and my life has changed somewhat since last I posted.
  • For starters, I did lose a little weight.  Excercise does in fact help in that area--who knew?  So does saying no to the occasional temptation, though I'm not sure I can claim that since I've become much more of a regular at the dreaded Bucks of Star in the last few months.  And no, I don't like their coffee straight.
  • I also forgot about that idea of a devotional diet, and should've used it.  I seriously need to read Bible truths.  I'll go do some of that in a minute.
  • My typing speed is up.
  • I had my shortest haircut in memory and it's now almost shoulder-length.
  • My number of states visited is up by at least one.
  • I have less of an idea what I should do with my life.
  • My ability to speak in or identify any specific accents is crumbling like a drowned biscotti.
  • I still cannot speak Spanish in a conversation moving at any normal speed.
  • I can crochet, now.
  • I fell in love with a church in which I couldn't take communion, and broke up with it about four weeks ago...before going back this Sunday because I had an appointment near it in the early afternoon.
  • I'm planning to dress up as a stylish toaster for Halloween, but I'm not sure where exactly I will wear this costume; I just wanna make it.
  • I have beautiful ideas for comics and children's books that aren't going away, so they may become real in the near-ish future.
  • I need to draw more before I revert to stick figures in those beautiful books' pages.
  • I like about half of dubstep.  ^_^ : Skrillex's Bangarang, Zed's Dead's Blue Foundation - Eyes on Fire, Alex Clare's Too Close.  >n< : anything with unnecessary yells (aka ejaculations, but I don't want you Googling that word and getting confused).

And that's all you don't need to know.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

Writer's Block: Talent show

What is something you do well?

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Wordle Me!

Yet again, I blame NaNo.  I used Wordle tonight, a word cloud generator, to avoid both writing and sleep, two things that I supposedly love.  If I'm to believe my tags, I haven't mentioned this site to you yet.  I don't believe them, but still I am telling you about it.

I also blame the fact that there are friend locks on several of my entries.

Poofy clouds are floating behind this link. Click it, and rejoice.Collapse )


Happy mega Pocky day! As you may have noticed, today is 11/11/11. November 11th is always International Pocky Day, but this year is special becausepockychocolatebakedgoodsyayCollapse )

Be Ye Warned

I was reviewing OK Go music videos today, partially because playing their angry ones at level 20 on my headphones (approximately 10x normal) and singing along is quite cathartic.  If only they were entirely clean...*sigh*

Anywho, I happened to click on a related video.  This video caused my girly side to detonate, blowing satin ribbons, photos of fluffy dresses, and romantic playlists all over my room.  I don't know if my little hand-held dust pan and brush can handle the load, and I'm considering wearing sweatpants and one of my dad's shirts all of tomorrow to counteract the residual effects on my brain.

But here's the video, if you want to inflict such dorky joy on yourself.

Beware, future hubby: I have seen some brilliant stunts, and I expect something just as sweet from you.

I got an A!  In that summer course I attended at IWU Remember that? No?Collapse )

Writer's Block: See you on the dark side

If you won a free trip to the moon, would you go? Why or why not?

Well, I'd think about it for a while.  And I'd probably go, unless someone near me had the life-long dream of going, no health complications, and I was allowed to give the ticket to them.  Just the take-off and zero gravity would be adventure enough for me, and the silence and view from the moon would be incredible.  Though it would be terrifying to step out into close to nothing.  I've seen too many sci-fi movies and read too many books where someone gets swept away, just a few feet, but they don't have the equipment to reach them.  Anyway, it wouldn't be completely free because I'd have to find some way to take pictures, and that's bound to be expensive.

But I think I'd prefer to fix up an old space suit, build a crystal radio, answer a distress call in a field, travel through wrinkles in space, and ultimately save humanity.  After all, that package comes with a scholarship.

May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!  And also apparently the deathday of Osama Bin Laden.  I hope he had some serious second thoughts before he was killed...I'd like to see him later.Collapse )
Overall I had a great day, not that you can tell from this entry.


April Showers, Indeed.

So.  I think I ought to say something here, but I'm not sure what exactly would be best.  I could tell you about the busiest week of the year (last week) but I'd probably end up griping and feeling worse about myself than I ought.

Just remember: never draw or paint on anyone else's artwork or sketches. Seriously, just don't.Collapse )
As you know, tomorrow (today in 20 minutes) is Easter.  I haven't been waking up very early, so I'm glad we didn't decide to go to a sunrise service; but I do still have to get dressed on time in the morning.  So, I bid you adieu.