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Hello, my name is C. Alli T., and I only bite like a late autumn breeze. Currently, I'm busy in real life, and that means I've been slacking in my journal--I apologize to those of you who read it. But I can't realistically expect that to change any time soon.

About me: I'm not thirty years old. Really. But, for whatever reason, I take things seriously on Live Journal. Meaning I generally think about what I'm writing. Generally. Except perhaps for filling out a bio--why am I doing this? Oh, yes. You stalkers might want confirmation that I live in the U.S. of A. But honestly, if you need to read my mini biography to figure that out, you aren't doing your job.

I am a girl--not especially feminine, but definitely a girl. I've even been wearing pink skirts recently. However, on the forms that have blanks labeled "Sex," I'm always tempted to fill in "Abstinent."

I am Christian, and that absolutely does not mean I think I'm perfect. I just know (but do not understand) what God has done for me and love Him for it--so I'm trying. In more than one sense of the word.

The point of this journal is mostly to entertain you, and/or keep the people I "meet" in the loop; I'm usually thinking clearly enough not to blow off steam on the internet. Hopefully.

That said, have fun reading!

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